Plantar Fasciitis Relief through Medical Grade Compression Sportswear

Plantar Fasciitis Relief through Medical Grade Compression Sportswear

One in ten people suffer from plantar fasciitis, a common reason for heel pain. Plantar fasciitis causes a stabbing pain in the heel and across the bottom of the foot. Pain occurs when the plantar fascia, a network of thick tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes, becomes inflamed. It is most common in those between the ages of 40-60 and among competitive athletes.

How do you know it is plantar fasciitis?

The worst pain happens when stepping on the foot after sitting or resting for long periods of time. It is most common with those first steps each morning when you wake up.

What causes plantar fasciitis?

Constant stress on the plantar fascia causes tearing, irritation and inflammation. The plantar fascia runs along the arch of the foot and absorbs the repeated shock of walking and running. Plantar fasciitis is very common in people who are active. The stress from running, playing pickleball and many other activities can cause pain, tearing and inflammation resulting in plantar fasciitis.

Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Most people will not need medical intervention to get relief from plantar fasciitis. Applying ice and stretching daily can help relieve the pain. Wearing a proper foot support along with appropriate compression wear can help prevent future tears and inflammation.

Compression Clothing for Plantar Fasciitis

3Gen Sports has supportive footwear and compression wear that is appropriate for the average person as well as the competitive athlete. Compression clothing reduces muscle fatigue and swelling while decreasing recovery time after muscle stress from exercise.

Protective Foot Supports designed specifically for plantar fasciitis offer a soft cushion to help support the foot bed as well as padding for the heel. These inserts fit perfectly in most shoes. Protective Foot Supports Pro offer excellent arch support and added padding to relieve pain all day.

For the more active person, our Calf Sleeves for men or women, provide a powerful weapon against plantar fasciitis. These medical grade compression sleeves should be worn when running, playing pickleball or other active sports. They stimulate blood circulation in the leg, reduce muscle vibration and painful cramping while speeding up recovery time. Calf sleeves circulate the blood flow allowing the body a chance to heal naturally. The unique Smart Dry Extreme Air Technology helps the sleeve breathe and adapt to weather conditions. Calves will stay cool and dry in summer, yet comfortably warm in winter.

Compression socks help reduce swelling and increase circulation all day. 3Gen Sports' sporty Short, Mid Cut, Low Cut or No-Show Socks are ideal when playing pickleball, running, golfing or other sports. The ultra comfortable fabric is lightweight, breathable and keeps your foot cool and dry.

Compression commuter socks are perfect for travel or everyday wear at work or while driving. These knee high socks are soft, flexible and breathable for all day comfort.

Wearing protective foot supports, compression socks and calf sleeves offer exceptional relief from foot pain and helps to protect the foot from further damage.

"It really is amazing. I am absolutely in shock. I barely had any pain all day on women's or mixed day, which is incredibly rare as it always gets worse throughout the day when I have to stop and start all day. And then I drove 6 hours home in the car, and usually wouldn't be able to walk at that point, and I had zero pain and no pain this morning either. Wow wow wow!" - Lauren Stratman, professional pickleball player