Braces Size Charts

Braces Size Charts

When you're already dealing with pain and injury or recovery from surgery, don't get bogged down trying to figure out which support will fit you best.

For orthopedic braces and supports, we've compiled all the size charts you need to make it easier to find the right fit for you. 

Elbow Supports

Epicomed Elbow Support

Size Circumference (cm.)
II 20-23
III 23-26
IV 26-29
V 29-32
VI 32-35

 To find your best fit for the elbow brace:

 Measure the circumference 2” (5 cm) below the center of the elbow joint.

 elbow braces measure


Medi Protect Tennis Elbow Strap

Size Forearm Circumference
Inches Cm
S Up to 10 20-25
M 10-11 25-28
L 11-12 28-30
XL 12 and up 30-35

To find the best fit for the Medi elbow protector:

Measure circumference of forearm just below the elbow.


elbow braces measure

Knee Braces and Supports

Medi Rx Knee Brace Under Sleeve

Size Thigh Circumference
cm in
XS 31-37 12.25-14.5
S 37-45 14.5-17.75
M 45-51 17.75-20
L 51-57 20-22.5
XL 57-65 22.5-25.5
XXL 65-74 25.5-29

 To find your best under sleeve fit:

Measure 6" (15 cm) above mid-patella. 


Genumedi Knee Brace

Size (f) cm (f) in (d) cm (d) in
0 34-37 13-14.5 22-25 9-10
I 37-40 14.5-16 25-28 10-11
II 40-43 16-17 28-31 11-12
III 43-46 17-18 31-34 12-13.5
IV 46-49 18-19.5 34-37 13.5-14.5
V 49-52 19.5-20.5 37-40 14.5-16
VI 52-55 20.5-22 40-43 16-17
VII 55-58 22-23 43-46 17-18

To find your best fit for Genumedi PT knee braces, measure:

(f) - Thigh Circumference 15 cm above the middle of the knee, medial

(d) - Lower Leg Circumference 5 cm below the middle of the knee, medial

 knee brace measure


Back Support


Lumbamed Lumbar Support 

Size Women: Hip Circumference (cm) Men: Waist Circumference (cm)
I 76-86 66-76
II 86-98 76-88
III 98-111 88-101
IV 111-125 101-115
V 125-140 115-130

To find the best fit:

1. Women: Measure hip circumference at the widest part of the buttocks

2. Men: Measure waist circumference at the narrowest part of your waist.

lumbamed lumbar support measuring


Wrist Supports

Manumed Active Wrist Support

Size Wrist Circumference (cm.)
XS 13-15
S 15-17
M 17-19
L 19-21

To find your best wrist support fit:

Measure wrist circumference behind the ulnar styloid.

wrist supports measurement


Ankle Supports


Levamed Active Ankle Support


Ankle Circumference (cm.)
I 17-20
II 20-22
III 22-24
IV 24-26
V 26-28
VI 28-30

To find your best ankle support fit:

Measure ankle circumference just above the ankle bone.

ankle support measure

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